TV Channel Advertising

What would you rather do? Read exhaustive text about an exciting attraction or watch it?

Make it easy for potential customers to discover what you're offering, retain their interest and book.

Here are answers to some common questions you may have:

What are the benefits of advertising on your TV Channel?

  • We're not YouTube where it might be difficult to find your best video or even any decent video of your business
  • Extremely cheap video advertising for multi-site advertising!
  • Creates brand awareness of your business on multiple sites
  • Sells your "experience" through video rather than through exhaustive text
  • Eliminates frustration felt by your potential customers. No searching through countless vlogs to find your video
  • Enhances credibility as it links you to the South African tourism industry
  • Enhances the possibilities for more direct bookings
  • Puts you ahead of your competition if they're still using exhaustive text and pictures
  • Offers relevant content specifically related to the SA tourism industry

What makes your TV Channel unique?

  • Every video on our playlist is related to the SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM industry.
  • Our schedule is randomized - so each video on the playlist gets an equal chance at appearing first in the player.
  • It is a scheduled on-demand TV Channel. Many linear TV Channels leave the viewer with no control over what they view. They need to wait for the current video to finish and then accept whatever plays next. With ours they can view whatever video they wish to watch whenever they want.

Do I pay more for an advert during prime-time?

  • There is no "prime" time. Our channel was created predominantly for the international market who are all in different time zones, so each video carries the same value and there are no "prime-time" nor "off-peak" rates. On the same basis, we don't schedule programmes to start at specific times as they will be seen at different times all around the world.

Does your TV Channel only appear on your website or on other sites too?

  • Besides being viewed on our site, our TV Channel & Player is being embedded into every other site that chooses to embed it. As the Channel will carry our brand and logo, it will always steer customers back to our site and ultimately to our VIDEO MAPS where they can find all your details and your video. This continually builds your brand awareness which ultimately leads to sales - even if they book through another platform.

Why are your video lengths capped at 2 mins max on your TV Channel but not on your video maps?

  • Videos on the Video Map listing pop-up can be any length as they do not require a schedule or space on our servers. The TV Channel however is based on a schedule over a 24-hour period. Each video takes up scheduling space within this period. A 6-minute video for example would therefore take up 3x the space of a 2-minute video. It also means that it is 3x more likely to be on screen when someone logs in as the randomization of each video only takes place once the current video has finished playing.

My video is 5-minutes long. Can I still place my video on your platform?

Sure you can! Let us know here and we'll come up with a personalised package just for you.

However, we recommend you edit the long video you have or produce a new shorter version. Anything over 2 minutes is unlikely to retain viewers and even 2-minutes may be too long. 30-seconds to 1 minute is ideal.

Please note that the video length limitation is only for a TV Channel listing. Video Map listings may have videos of any length.